The total number of Credits (ECTS) required to obtain a postgraduate diploma is 90.

Obtaining the postgraduate diploma requires mandatory attendance and successful examination in all courses which are distributed in the first two semesters of studies (A’ and B’). All courses are mandatory.

During the third (C’) semester of studies, the compulsory elaboration of the postgraduate diploma thesis is required, the credits (ECTS) of which are set at 30.

The curriculum is formulated as follows:

A’ Semester
Course CodeCoursesECTS
A1Biomedical Science: Data and Modern Needs7
A2Modeling and Representation of Biomedical Data6
A3Programming Techniques for Processing and Analysis of Biomedical Data9
A4Data Security and Privacy5
A5Academic Skills3
 Total Credits of A’ Semester30
B’ Semester
Course CodeCoursesECTS
B1Retrieval and Information Extraction from Biomedical Texts5
B2Computational Analysis of Biomolecules7
B3Biosignals and Image Processing/Analysis6
B4Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence7
B5Bioethics Issues2
B6Innovation and Entrepreneurship3
 Total Credits of B’ Semester30
C’ Semester
Course CodeCoursesECTS
C1Master Thesis30
 Total Credits of C’ Semester30
 Total Number of Credits90